MNT Research GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Fork of the vendor (Boundary Devices) u-boot for Reform 2, with minor tweaks. The goal is to migrate to mainstream u-boot or barebox ASAP. The main impediment so far is the 4GB RAM config.

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MNT Reform: Open Source Portable Computer

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The Linux kernel powering ZZ9000 2.0 (alpha, work in progress)

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A collection of libraries and binaries built for Reform OpenGL, Xorg and wayland/weston support. This builds the /usr/local overlay that is shipped with the system image.

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Reform 2 MCU (LPC11U24) experiments based on microbuilder

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Firmware for MNT ZZ9000 graphics and ARM coprocessor card for Amiga computers.

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Drivers for the MNT ZZ9000 graphics and ARM coprocessor card for classic Amigas.

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The scripts needed to build a bootable Debian GNU/Linux system image for Reform.

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Scheme playground.

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The handbook for MNT Reform (version 2.0+). WIP.

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MNT public media/press material licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0 if not specified otherwise. Press contact:

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ARM application development SDK for MNT ZZ9000 graphics and coprocessor card for classic Amiga computers.

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