14 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bjorn Astrom d61315e451 Sprite doubling and graphic acceleration stuff 6 months ago
  mntmn b4779e5a76
v1.6RC3 video_formatter: remove some inits, restore reset, one-hot encoding. 7 months ago
  mntmn 40928a2cdb formatter: skip reset block 1 year ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 76da5a7658 vdma reconfiguration (pan) only on vblank (#3) 1 year ago
  mntmn 4c503755ef video_formatter: don't update sprite in the middle of a frame 1 year ago
  mntmn 29a7e05fdb video_formatter: modify sprite data mechanism 1 year ago
  mntmn 02c025a9ae untested! increase sprite size to 32x48, change sprite data write addressing 1 year ago
  mntmn 9fd26c589b remove letterbox experiment 1 year ago
  mntmn 3893097730 video_formatter: fix sprite scanout; introduce letterbox (vertical blank for short screens) 1 year ago
  mntmn dcbe395f41 verilog: add 16x16 sprite support 1 year ago
  mntmn 9c0768df1a revert sync changes; revisit later 1 year ago
  mntmn 375ad34429 video_formatter: fine tuning of sync signals 1 year ago
  mntmn 425749260f 1.2: video_formatter: simplify vertical align logic and introduce frame sync point; introduce 15bit pixel format 1 year ago
  mntmn 3e3159ae27 rename video_tester.v to video_formatter.v and add license 1 year ago
  mntmn 135d9c165a ZZ9000-R1 snapshot for zorro III. many fixes for ethernet and general performance, introduces API/ABI for ARM programs and the registers for it. timing almost good. 1 year ago
  mntmn bed38ff228 some fixes/refactoring for timing and z3/z2 split 1 year ago
  mntmn b63b634ae5 WIP A4000 bringup, slightly dysfunctional state 1 year ago
  mntmn 3543e48cdf WIP experimental vga counter_x sync 1 year ago
  mntmn eec79536fb fix 'scrolling' problem (number of fetch lines were not always equal to the number of display lines) 1 year ago
  mntmn 05567961e3 reset video formatter on zorro reset; add mechanism for ARM to control video formatter 1 year ago
  mntmn 42d3bf9b70 add interlace signal, auto vsync WIP, introduce vga_sync_polarity 1 year ago
  mntmn e23143874f WIP 32bit modes except 320x240 are now pixel perfect 1 year ago
  mntmn f459ee287f WIP color mapping LUTs fixed for scaled modes 1 year ago
  mntmn 71a6634b0f WIP almost golden picture, full hd appears 1 year ago
  mntmn a8520d4adb WIP workaround for 'scrolling' bug, cleaned up video_tester.v a bit 1 year ago
  mntmn 2105efd8d2 WIP most resolutions and color depths stable 1 year ago
  mntmn 3cad5c03bb WIP first working VA2000CX compatible amiga video capture 1 year ago
  mntmn 8ad9c69ac0 WIP working scaling @ 320x240 in all colormodes 1 year ago
  mntmn 562a183274 column/row scaling WIP 1 year ago
  mntmn fa37c30475 WIP working color mode select; vsync op; DMA WIP 1 year ago
  mntmn addb882ab3 WIP control port from mntzorro to video_tester, 8 bit mode 1 year ago
  mntmn 6b795a1c6f WIP correct color mapping and stable sync with 640x480x16. initial y not synced 1 year ago
  mntmn e4edec63e6 WIP first stab at reading pixels in video_tester. outcome: black screen, but OK signal 1 year ago
  mntmn ffe69e3bb5 WIP video_tester locked @ 640x480 1 year ago
  mntmn 7d3548962c WIP promising version of video_tester 1 year ago
  mntmn deedc84413 WIP video generation experiments; testbench 1 year ago
  mntmn c92bfb34e8 WIP of 16 bit color conversion 1 year ago
  Andrej Schoeke 500bc32586 Reset count on new frame, cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn 39633a6540 WIP video_tester.v 1 year ago
  Andrej Schoeke 6444cb02fc Fixed eol read and unset start_of_frame 1 year ago
  Andrej Schoeke 87c2e0f211 Fixed eol read and unset start_of_frame 1 year ago
  Andrej Schoeke d0174e75f2 Added ready and valid checks 1 year ago
  Andrej Schoeke b466588d3c Simple modul to change vdma rgb565 to rgb888. 1 year ago