172 Commits (master)

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  mntmn 4c503755ef video_formatter: don't update sprite in the middle of a frame 1 month ago
  mntmn efc59a1d2b add constant for MNTVF_OP_SPRITE_ADDR 1 month ago
  mntmn 4071035b86 adapt update_hw_sprite and clear_hw_sprite to new ops 1 month ago
  mntmn 29a7e05fdb video_formatter: modify sprite data mechanism 1 month ago
  mntmn 55ff04f926 Merge branch 'hw-mouse-pointer' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-firmware into hw-mouse-pointer 1 month ago
  mntmn 02c025a9ae untested! increase sprite size to 32x48, change sprite data write addressing 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom cdb295678d Adjust transparency mask color if used in hardware sprite palette 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 5aa2603d7d Clean up hardware sprite hiding a bit 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom cbbea7d0ee Hide hardware sprite on Amiga reset 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom d73c798424 Add hardware sprite hiding handling 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom f732ccb835 [WIP] Add mouse bitmap/colors support 1 month ago
  mntmn 9fd26c589b remove letterbox experiment 1 month ago
  mntmn a20612adc0 remove letterbox; introduce 720x480@60 mode for ntsc; kludge for sprite at negative position 1 month ago
  mntmn b30c757e17 example sprite tweak 1 month ago
  mntmn 70c34a8564 add example of sprite data setup; sprite position scaling; WIP letterboxing according to ntsc/pal capture 1 month ago
  mntmn 88e8a14134 pass videocap_ntsc information to ARM side 1 month ago
  mntmn 3893097730 video_formatter: fix sprite scanout; introduce letterbox (vertical blank for short screens) 1 month ago
  mntmn dcbe395f41 verilog: add 16x16 sprite support 1 month ago
  mntmn 9b159089d5 reformat main.c, mostly cleans up spaces/tabs 1 month ago
  mntmn d4865b35d5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'source/fw-optimization' 1 month ago
  mntmn 7fa3636a97 Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-firmware 1 month ago
  mntmn 07c23a9a4f basic support for sprite positioning 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 342465be1d [TEST] Add dx/dy_abs fallback if length coming from P96 is 0 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom a9f9d73c2d Rework blitter ops to handle raw width/height data 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom c7e67bb1a4 Optimize main firmware core 1 write requests 1 month ago
  beeanyew 8bead32e00 Merge branch 'master' of shanshe/zz9000-firmware into master 1 month ago
  shanshe f806d8e901 Fix in copy_rect call: should be "frambuffer+blitter_dst_offset" 1 month ago
  shanshe 70f7b9f39d Fix draw_line: receive line length and apply it to the for loops. 1 month ago
  mntmn af99669bc2 add 1.4a BOOT.bin to archive 1 month ago
  mntmn 1e0d7c434f Merge branch 'master' into rtg-accel-additions 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 61d1e2f5bf !FIXME: Add some missing stuff 1 month ago
  mntmn 6a4354a9c2 version bump to 1.4; introduce interrupt 6 enable/disable register; clean up some wrong register numbers 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 00414e93ee Accelerate BlirRectNoMaskComplete 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom d84999d8df Accelerate InvertRect 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 958c6d37d5 Accelerate Planar2Chunky 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 11d5961e6d Add blitter user data registers 1 month ago
  mntmn 12edfe787b add experimental 32 packet buffering for ethernet speedup; move draw_line opcode 1 month ago
  mntmn 520d13722a
Merge pull request #1 from beeanyew/gfx-accel-optimizations 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom ed45f9a3a3 Accelerate line drawing 1 month ago
  mntmn 50b7bd8d36
Adopt Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct 1 month ago
  mntmn fbdaafc077
Include copy of GPLv3 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 4b99cee759 Optimize pattern/template fill rect 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom 0ff6baf25c Optimize and consolidate copy rect 1 month ago
  Bjorn Astrom d316345c6b Optimize and consolidate fill rect 1 month ago
  mntmn f08f83ecef formatting fixes 2 months ago
  mntmn 01480c4870 formatting fixes 2 months ago
  mntmn 0ae870881f formatting fixes 2 months ago
  mntmn 85c51a0d80 extended and fixed Vivado project setup docs 2 months ago
  mntmn a21bc58ab5 add zz9000_project.tcl file for recreating vivado project 2 months ago
  mntmn 3d4bf2e092 add wrapper verilog source 2 months ago