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  mntmn f08f83ecef formatting fixes 1 week ago
  mntmn 01480c4870 formatting fixes 1 week ago
  mntmn 0ae870881f formatting fixes 1 week ago
  mntmn 85c51a0d80 extended and fixed Vivado project setup docs 1 week ago
  mntmn a21bc58ab5 add zz9000_project.tcl file for recreating vivado project 1 week ago
  mntmn 3d4bf2e092 add wrapper verilog source 1 week ago
  mntmn d9f345146f fix cold start video capture centering depending on 720/800 mode 3 weeks ago
  mntmn e6f8b4db2b fix ARM register reading for zorro 2 3 weeks ago
  mntmn f81f732121 ZZ9000OS: fix missing hsync setup 3 weeks ago
  mntmn d2f71c5f7a simplify an interlace logic level 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 9c0768df1a revert sync changes; revisit later 3 weeks ago
  mntmn b2262555a6 fix testbench script 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 440e64e9cb add video testbench 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 0ee2a4eca4 faster sii9022 setup; fix purple dvi column (sii9022 register fix); refactor mode setup to include color, scale; videocap clear fill fix; refactor video formatter pokes 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 375ad34429 video_formatter: fine tuning of sync signals 3 weeks ago
  mntmn af51af5ad6 more robust interlace detection 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 3fa4466cb1 reduce ethernet negotiation timeout to 5s 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 425749260f 1.2: video_formatter: simplify vertical align logic and introduce frame sync point; introduce 15bit pixel format 1 month ago
  mntmn 350079bc65 1.2: snoop videocap pitch from screen mode; report videocap enable bit to OS 1 month ago
  mntmn b18ea4d0e1 1.2: remember videocap screenmode; move modelines into ZZ9000OS; clear capture buffer; prepare for new valign method 1 month ago
  mntmn a1290d1da4 update fw 1.1 to include version reporting 1 month ago
  mntmn c71795a8ac ZZ9000_proto.sdk/ZZ9000Test/src/main.c 1 month ago
  mntmn 2f4f0793af release 1.1 firmware added 1 month ago
  mntmn b6e6e7bb6a gfx,main: add initial acceleration for BlitTemplate/BlitPattern. enable ARM data cache and support -O3 optimization for higher gfx perf. 1 month ago
  mntmn f43bd563cb ethernet: remove a bunch of unused code, default to 100mbit for stability 1 month ago
  mntmn 8c9ee3e13d include block design screenshot 1 month ago
  mntmn 8e99b48456 some more README 1 month ago
  mntmn cf2a0ca951 some more README 1 month ago
  mntmn 6128e4a14b untabify 1 month ago
  mntmn 71ce7d3081 reformatting and license header for mntzorro.v 1 month ago
  mntmn 0f2f912f95 add ZZ9000OS (here called ZZ9000Test) makefiles etc 1 month ago
  mntmn 40ae1561d7 add xilinx BSP / c library / drivers 1 month ago
  mntmn 1a845efd99 add xilinx FSBL sources 1 month ago
  mntmn 267b131914 add bootimage BIF file. of course they use absolute paths 1 month ago
  mntmn 5b553ba456 add missing ethernet.h 1 month ago
  mntmn b1716e0d87 fix TCL script reference 1 month ago
  mntmn 94e1ffade2 add new block design creation script 1 month ago
  mntmn 66fc752892 remove surplus firmware binaries 1 month ago
  mntmn 2ec69d8a50 gitignore a bunch of things 1 month ago
  mntmn 3eafa377dc remove XPR from git 1 month ago
  mntmn 9a52d159fc remove some legacy files 1 month ago
  mntmn 2b84c12943 add firmware archive 1 month ago
  mntmn fe30f49f8a xc3sprog and ethtest utils 1 month ago
  mntmn e7c38f9d35 logo svg 1 month ago
  mntmn 0f184d7920 move test files around 1 month ago
  mntmn 8980d27ed7 move testbench 1 month ago
  mntmn 643b2535c8 move gfx 1 month ago
  mntmn ec2032e04a remove outdated pinmap 1 month ago
  mntmn 276ac70630 add various development notes 1 month ago
  mntmn 6b1aecabbf ignore generated hw platform export 1 month ago