265 Commits (master)

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  mntmn 05fb932b1d
a2000/a500: fix compatibility with TF536. add dtack and read timer registers 6 months ago
  mntmn 8b6451eaa8
a500/zorro2: fix autoconfig flags for kickstart 1.3 6 months ago
  mntmn f7382f6d29
update block design screenshot 7 months ago
  mntmn 067177c9a2
mntzorro: add switches for 2MB and super denise variants 7 months ago
  mntmn d510d9d07b
update zz9000_project.tcl for recreating block design 7 months ago
  mntmn 317071571d
WIP: xadc: increase resolution of voltages to 2 decimals 8 months ago
  mntmn edc90658e5
WIP: xadc: fix vaux register 8 months ago
  mntmn 059bac516d
WIP xadc: add readout of AUX and INT voltages 8 months ago
  mntmn fa44f8fcec
Merge commit 'da0750011e' into release-170 8 months ago
  mntmn 84dfde1cf8
add XADC block and die temperature register 0xe0 (celsius x 10) 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom da0750011e Don't mess with the mouse cursor position 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 1982685b2e Initialize all DMA op debugs to 0 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 26f5930b78 Broken flat tri drawing 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom a8f3bf2771 Latest graphics acceleration stuff 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 4862a79480 Move ethernet and USB buffers out of frame buffer 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom d61315e451 Sprite doubling and graphic acceleration stuff 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom a80c47715d All the latest and greatest in graphics acceleration 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom baceb822ac More things related to ScummVM work 8 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom a5d74677eb Graphics acceleration stuff for ScummVM 9 months ago
  beeanyew 7e1863f37e Merge pull request 'video_mode_things' (#7) from shanshe/zz9000-firmware:video_mode_things into video_mode_things 9 months ago
  shanshe de0dafbad7 USB fixes for reading/writing big files 9 months ago
  shanshe 79470c7697 DMA for everything above 0x2000 (Ethernet, USB, RTG) 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 63f77a68cf DMA up the last few RTG ops 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 18bff602bc Fix integer wraparound in rect_fill_pattern and rect_fill_template 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 8be00b2b8b Actually update the main registers 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 17cdbeb8a7 Full WIP DMARTG rendering implementation 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 2f3374dbe0 Eth TX fix and vblank FPGA register 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 1f0b9bb025 Add some temporary registers for changing preset/custom video mode data 9 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom cb5e3fa25c Add functions to use zz_video_mode struct for setting up video system 9 months ago
  mntmn a9e94b0030
mntzorro: bugfix for Z2 autoconfig (regression); mini cleanups 10 months ago
  mntmn 7aff079025
mntzorro: stub out axi dma read for Zorro 2 10 months ago
  mntmn ec729f5b62
fix typo 10 months ago
  mntmn 8eb4c752a5
z3: delay datastrobe sampling by 1 cycle to make cyberstorm mk1/2 happy. disable dtack timeout register for production. 10 months ago
  mntmn d55d653f92
z3: sample addr in 2 steps again; restore dtack timeout to 10; separate z2 and z3 data input regs 10 months ago
  mntmn 1b0b53b507
z3: fix order of data in pipeline 10 months ago
  mntmn 1c5f2ed785
videocap: tweak/fix to prevent grey border columns 10 months ago
  mntmn 8eb733454e
Merge branch 'wip-fw16' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-firmware into wip-fw16 10 months ago
  mntmn 6727fa3b75
v1.6RC3: bump revision in ZZ9000OS to 1.6 10 months ago
  mntmn b4779e5a76
v1.6RC3 video_formatter: remove some inits, restore reset, one-hot encoding. 10 months ago
  mntmn 0c247832ea
mntzorro: v1.6RC3: zorro 3 timing fixes, some verilog cleanups 10 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 37d04cbe94 Fix mouse pointer position for pixel doubled RTG modes 10 months ago
  mntmn 9399ca0c62
Merge branch 'axi-dma-writes' of https://source.mntmn.com/shanshe/zz9000-firmware into wip-fw16 10 months ago
  mntmn b8531162c5
Merge branch 'vblank-status-register' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-firmware into wip-fw16 10 months ago
  mntmn ac511aae2a
WIP: videocap: differentiate xmax/ymax clipping for denise/videoslot 10 months ago
  mntmn 477e502b4b
WIP Add Denise CSYNC capture used in ZZ9500CX and add VARIANT_FW20 10 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 84115367e0 Add cheat codes to RectFill Pattern 10 months ago
  shanshe bc57d793d9 [WIP] some optimizations on DMA reads and writes 10 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann eaa0a219c3 Merge branch 'master' of stepan/zz9000-firmware into master 1 year ago
  Stefan Reinauer cb0728296c Rename ZZ9000Test -> ZZ9000OS in documentation 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom b610901045 [Super WIP] Framebuffer transfer register for DoomAttack 1 year ago