69 Commits (master)

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  mntmn 9680b5e055
ZZTop 1.1 binary 2 months ago
  mntmn 2c3713bdb9
ZZTop 1.1 now with voltage monitoring 2 months ago
  mntmn eb3bdaf9ab
initial add of ZZTop Amiga OS tool 2 months ago
  mntmn 4cd4548ccc
add ZZ9000Net.device binary for 1.6 4 months ago
  mntmn bd1b6f5f99
rtg: 1.6 binary 4 months ago
  mntmn 47a6d6c9e1
rtg: version bump to 1.6 4 months ago
  mntmn 398b9b0d85
Merge branch 'network-driver-fixup' of https://source.mntmn.com/chainq/zz9000-drivers 4 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom dc5247151c Add firmware check for vblank status register 4 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 470c8b15e8 [WIP] Update zz9000.h 7 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom b0609f7a6b Add vblank checking and busyloop vsync_wait 9 months ago
  Karoly Balogh e4cc718d74 remove hardwired path. add support to override SYSINC and SYSLIB location from external buildscripts 9 months ago
  Karoly Balogh e656f5da35 bump version to 1.2 9 months ago
  Karoly Balogh 59a620974f cleanup subprocess startup/exit and add support for INT2 operation 9 months ago
  mntmn 55d904553d 1.5.1 ZZ9000.card binary 9 months ago
  mntmn 0cf0bfb37f usbstorage 1.5.1: lock system during block transfers 9 months ago
  mntmn 5e10527200 rtg 1.5.1: add new register for videocap mode select 9 months ago
  mntmn 406b688f7e rtg 1.5.1: support new register for videocap mode select 9 months ago
  mntmn 50758c29e1 initial version of ZZ9000USBStorage.device sources 10 months ago
  mntmn 039d28e6d6 1.5 release 10 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom c0b713c2c4 Ignore "enable" value written to sprite_enable 11 months ago
  Bjorn Astrom 6af680189d Accelerate Planar2Direct 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 605e7ddee8 Rework C2P to handle large display areas 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 46e2614f27 Add macro for Z3 template address 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 01afa326f5 Send mask with BlitPattern 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom a3b03129bf Fix data offset for high resolution cursor 1 year ago
  mntmn f6b5584460 1.4b net and rtg driver binaries 1 year ago
  mntmn 243b86bea9 replaced div by 8 with shift 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom c6de528aae Add hardware sprite hiding handling 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom f50a36650c Enable P2C fallback for chunks >64KB 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 8e815570cb Add SetSpriteImage and SetSpriteColor support 1 year ago
  mntmn 390123ba43 Merge branch 'rtg-driver-update-2' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/zz9000-drivers into rtg-driver-update-2 1 year ago
  mntmn 90f144af1d net: add INT6 interrupt toggling 1 year ago
  mntmn b9ea926573 add experimental hardware sprite driver support 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 58acc358ea [WIP] Expand board memory size to about 47.8MB 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 081c2a0235 Fix line ending 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom a68c0c8879 Rework applicable blitter ops to only send width/height 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom 38c76e7637 Accelerate additional P96 functionality 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom e29157f6a3 Set up for expanded RTG acceleration 1 year ago
  beeanyew f7db28c822 Merge branch 'master' of shanshe/zz9000-drivers into master 1 year ago
  shanshe 7e54a84c42 Fix draw_line: send to zz9000 line length parameter (len). 1 year ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann bb836bf03f Merge branch 'master' of midwan/zz9000-drivers into master 1 year ago
  Dimitris Panokostas e3f6a147ac Added ZZ9000.card binary 1 year ago
  Dimitris Panokostas 5d6a9a6492 Added VSCode build tasks and intellisense support 1 year ago
  Dimitris Panokostas e0e9309fd9 Added Windows build script 1 year ago
  mntmn d4c2834725 Merge branch 'master' into rtg-driver-update-2 1 year ago
  mntmn a693535a56 introduce config register and fix unused register size 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom f63c41b426 Accelerate additional P96 functionality 1 year ago
  Bjorn Astrom fc134a404f Set up for expanded RTG acceleration 1 year ago
  mntmn 619523ef96 rtg version 1.4 bump; minor formatting fixes 1 year ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 564e2eb9fe Merge branch 'rtg-driver-update' of beeanyew/zz9000-drivers into master 1 year ago