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  mntmn 827d62de31 update README 3 weeks ago
  mntmn aba0a3cca9 add ethernet (sana-ii) driver sources 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 08390b1a0f 1.3c version bump 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 2dd6d8e79a consolidate registers 3 weeks ago
  mntmn a7c4a1ef9a add z2 support for blittemplate etc; drop 1bit mode 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 9324f2f079 RTG driver 1.3 binary 3 weeks ago
  mntmn bc1968d0b2 installer: ignore missing P96 settings, remove uninstall prompts that might lead to confusing situations 3 weeks ago
  mntmn fea94e7485 P96Settings tweak 3 weeks ago
  mntmn eb4d3d99b7 rtg driver 1.3: let ZZ9000OS handle color and scale modes and make them part of the mode definition. 3 weeks ago
  mntmn 9ccefdca7e a bit better centering for 800x600 vcap 1 month ago
  mntmn 0d92905e1d add ZZ9000.card 1.2 1 month ago
  mntmn 8c9478bf87 rtg: clean up screen init logic, move all modelines to ARM firmware. support 800x600 videocap flag & mode. require firmware 1.2+. 1 month ago
  mntmn af70e6094f detect and report driver, hw, fw versions and control features accordingly 1 month ago
  mntmn 5fbdbb0387 fw 1.1 drivers: add initial support for BlitTemplate, BlitPattern acceleration 1 month ago
  mntmn 6a97fedb5a removed unused variables 1 month ago
  mntmn d0e0ffbf5a Installer 1 month ago
  mntmn f190ec2af8 Initial Release 1 month ago