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# $VER: ZZ9000Net 1.0 (30.07.2019)

# The device name is mandatory

# If not provided, unit number 0 will be used. You may
# have to change this if there are multiple cards of the
# same type installed in your machine, or if your network
# hardware supports several independent connections

# You must either pick a fixed (static) IPv4 address and
# a corresponding subnet mask, or request DHCP (dynamic)
# network address configuration.
# You can combine address/netmask/dhcp, which has the effect
# of asking the DHCP server to assign the requested IPv4
# address and subnet mask to this interface, if possible.

# If no DHCP server is present in your network, you can
# use automatic interface IPv4 address assignment through
# the ZeroConf protocol. Note that this will not set up
# default route and DNS servers for you, only the interface
# address is configured.

# This variant of automatic IPv4 address assignment should
# be used in a wireless network instead of 'configure=auto'

# You can enable diagnostic messages which can be helpful in
# tracking down configuration errors.

# You can choose how much memory will be used when handling
# incoming and outgoing network traffic for this device.
# The default is to reserve 32 buffers of 1500 byte each, both
# inbound and outbound traffic. Larger values may provide
# better performance.

# For diagnostic and monitoring purposes it can be helpful to
# capture network traffic that flows through this interface.
# To enable this option, select one of filter=local,
# filter=ipandarp or filter=everything

# This option disables a workaround required for the Ariadne
# network hardware, which, if enabled, would otherwise cause
# the interface setup procedure to take longer than really
# necessary.

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(if (exists "Libs:Picasso96/ZZ9000.card")
(if (askbool (prompt "A previous version of ZZ9000 graphics driver was found. Do you want to remove it?") (help "You can skip this if you want to reinstall."))
(delete "Devs:Monitors/ZZ9000"
(prompt "Delete ZZ9000 RTG Monitor file.")
(help "Deletes Devs:Monitors/ZZ9000.")

(delete "Libs:Picasso96/ZZ9000.card"
(prompt "Delete ZZ9000 RTG card driver.")
(help "Deletes Libs:Picasso96/ZZ9000.card")

(if (askbool (prompt "Do you want to install the P96 graphics driver for ZZ9000?")
(help "")) (

(set #rtgver (getversion "Libs:Picasso96/rtg.library"))
(set #rtgmajor (/ #rtgver 65536))
(set #rtgminor (- #rtgver (* #rtgmajor 65536)))

(set #monexists (and (exists "Devs:Monitors/") (exists "Devs:Monitors/Altais")))
(set #zzmonexists (and (exists "Devs:Monitors/") (exists "Devs:Monitors/ZZ9000")))

(if (or (not (or #monexists #zzmonexists)) (< #rtgmajor 40))
(abort "Please install P96 2.0+ first and select *Altais* as the graphics card.\n\nYou can either use the old shareware version of Picasso96 on Aminet or the updated P96 by Individual Computers. To purchase it, you first have to register at, and then login to their shop. P96 will then appear as a product.")

(message "P96 rtg.library version " #rtgmajor "." #rtgminor " detected. This is fine.")

(prompt "Install P96 compatible Graphics Driver")
(help "This will install the ZZ9000 graphics card driver for the P96 RTG system, ZZ9000.card.")
(source "Libs/Picasso96/ZZ9000.card")
(dest "Libs:Picasso96")

(complete 10)

(if #monexists
(prompt "Copy Monitor File (Enables Graphics Driver)")
(help "This will create the ZZ9000 Monitor file from the Altais Monitor file. It enables the ZZ9000 screen modes.")
(source "Devs:Monitors/Altais")
(dest "Devs:Monitors")
(newname "ZZ9000")

(if #monexists
(delete "Devs:Monitors/Altais"
(prompt "Delete Altais Monitor.")
(help "Delete the Altais Monitor file that was used to create the ZZ9000 Monitor file.")

(complete 20)

(prompt "Adjust Tooltypes of Monitor File to enable ZZ9000.card")
(help "This will register ZZ9000.card as the P96 card driver in the Monitor file.")
(dest "Devs:Monitors/ZZ9000")
(settooltype "BOARDTYPE" "ZZ9000")
(settooltype "FAKENATIVEMODES" "No")
(settooltype "DISPLAYCHAIN" "Yes"))

(complete 30)

(if (not (exists "Devs:Picasso96Settings.bak"))
(prompt "Create a backup up your old P96 Configuration (Devs:Picasso96Settings.bak)")
(help "It will be copied to Devs:Picasso96Settings.bak")
(source "Devs:Picasso96Settings")
(dest "Devs:")
(newname "Picasso96Settings.bak")

(complete 40)

(prompt "Install P96 Configuration (Picasso96Settings)")
(help "This will install the P96 configuration file for ZZ9000 that contains the available screen modes.")
(source "Devs/Picasso96Settings")
(dest "Devs:")

(complete 50)

(if (exists "Devs:Networks/ZZ9000Net.device")
(if (askbool (prompt "A previous version of ZZ9000 Ethernet driver was found. Do you want to remove it?") (help "You can skip this if you want to reinstall."))
(delete "Devs:Networks/ZZ9000Net.device"
(prompt "Delete ZZ9000 Ethernet driver.")
(help "Deletes Devs:Networks/ZZ9000Net.device.")

(delete "Devs:NetInterfaces/ZZ9000Net"
(prompt "Delete ZZ9000 RoadShow NetInterface file.")
(help "Deletes Devs:NetInterfaces/ZZ9000Net.")

(if (askbool (prompt "Do you want to install the SANA-II Ethernet driver for ZZ9000? This requires an existing Installation of RoadShow, MiamiDX or similar.") (help ""))


(set #mac (askstring (prompt "Please enter your unique Ethernet MAC address that is printed in your user manual. Usually you just have to adjust the last 2 digits.") (help "If you want to change your MAC address later, edit ENVARC:ZZ9K_MAC") (default "68:82:f2:00:01:00") ))

(textfile (prompt "Saving your MAC address in ENVARC:ZZ9K_MAC") (help "") (append #mac) (dest "ENVARC:ZZ9K_MAC"))

(prompt "Install SANA-II compatible Ethernet Driver")
(help "This will install the Network driver for ZZ9000's ethernet functionality.")
(source "Devs/Networks/ZZ9000Net.device")
(dest "Devs:Networks")

(if (askbool (prompt "Do you want to install an example ZZ9000 NetInterface for use with RoadShow?") (help ""))

(prompt "Install example NetInterface for use with RoadShow. It uses DHCP for dynamic IP. Edit Devs:NetInterfaces/ZZ9000Net to customize your settings.")
(help "This will install the NetInterface configuration file for ZZ9000 for use with RoadShow.")
(source "Devs/NetInterfaces/ZZ9000Net")
(dest "Devs:NetInterfaces")

(complete 100)

(message "That's it! Please reboot and enjoy your MNT ZZ9000.\n\nMake sure to visit for updates.\n\nIf you need support, please join our IRC channel #mnt-amiga on or contact us at Thank you!")

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