Drivers for the MNT ZZ9000 graphics and ARM coprocessor card for classic Amigas.
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  1. # MNT ZZ9000 Drivers (AmigaOS)
  2. More Info:
  3. ## Graphics
  4. The graphics driver is in the "rtg" folder. It is compatible to P96 (formerly Picasso96) but does not use any dependencies derived from those projects.
  5. ### Build
  6. The graphics drivers are built with the vbcc compiler and m68k-amigaos target:
  7. Execute to create ZZ9000.card. ZZ9000.card goes into Libs:Picasso96 on the target device.
  8. ## Network
  9. The network drivers reside in the "net" folder. The driver is SANA-II compatible. Execute to create ZZ9000Net.device. ZZ9000Net.device goes into Devs:Networks on the target device.
  10. # License / Copyright
  11. Copyright (C) 2016-2019, Lukas F. Hartmann <>
  12. MNT Research GmbH, Berlin
  14. Network driver based on work by
  15. (C) 2018 Henryk Richter <>
  16. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later