MNT Reform: Open Source Portable Computer
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mntmn 7ec8f9a645
oled: restore SSD1306 lib
4 місяці тому
LICENSES WIP relicense 1 рік тому
historic-reform1 Merge branch 'reform2-nitrogen8m' 1 рік тому
reform2-3d-assembly reform2-motherboard R-2C step file 5 місяці тому
reform2-3d-printed-parts move older stls 5 місяці тому
reform2-batterypack-pcb add batterypack 2.0D4 badge 8 місяці тому
reform2-cables reform2-cables: add eDP cable spec 1 рік тому
reform2-case-cnc reform2-case: add batch1 production files 6 місяці тому
reform2-case-ports add CNC milled case parts and lasercut side parts STEP files 1 рік тому
reform2-handbook restore old system-diagram position 6 місяці тому
reform2-heatsink heatsink: add STEP model 1 рік тому
reform2-ibom rename reform2-ibom 11 місяці тому
reform2-keyboard-fw reform2-keyboard: add shell.nix 8 місяці тому
reform2-keyboard-pcb reform2-keyboard: add assembly-components 8 місяці тому
reform2-lpc-fw add WALLPOWER_DETECT_VOLTAGE and lower it to 24V 5 місяці тому
reform2-motherboard-pcb reform2-motherboard: add pdf schematics 5 місяці тому
reform2-oled-pcb oled: restore SSD1306 lib 4 місяці тому
reform2-speakers speakers: updated design for better fit 11 місяці тому
reform2-trackball-fw add reform2 trackball firmware 1 рік тому
reform2-trackball-pcb trackball-pcb: R-1 version with ESD protection and fuse 6 місяці тому
reform2-trackball-sensor-pcb WIP: reform2-trackball-sensor: remove superfluous holes 8 місяці тому
reform2-trackpad-fw reform2 trackpad: remove superflous wheel coordinate check 9 місяці тому
reform2-trackpad-pcb trackpad: add ESD protection and fuse, add badge, bump to R-1 6 місяці тому
.gitignore WIP add reform2-lpc-fw based on microbuilder 1 рік тому code of conduct 2 роки тому WIP license clarification, motherboard now CERN-OHL-S 2.0 1 рік тому

MNT Reform

This is the main repository for the MNT Reform open source laptop.

For details, check out Finishing Reform and related articles.


Reform Version 2 Prototype Reform Version 2 Motherboard


Copyright 2018-2020 MNT Research GmbH.

The following licenses are used in the project, unless specified differently in a particular subfolder:

  • Schematics, PCBs: CERN-OHL-S v2
  • Other documentation, artwork, photos and drawings that are not trademarks (see below): CC-BY-SA 4.0
  • Software, firmware: Various. GPL 3.0 if not specified otherwise in the file/subdirectory.

The “MNT” and “MNT REFORM” logos are trademarks of MNT Research GmbH. You may not use these in derived works. The reason for this is that we cannot be responsible for regulatory issues with derived boards and we cannot support them. If someone sees an MNT brand on a product, it has to be clear that it comes from MNT Research and not from a third party.

Made With

MNT Reform Team

  • Lukas F. Hartmann (mntmn) - Schematics, PCB
  • Ana Dantas - Industrial Design
  • Greta Melnik - Quality & Assembly, Sleeve

Credits and Contributions