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Reform Hardware Tips and Tricks

Trackball feels stiff / doesn’t move well in one direction

You can try to widen the black “roof”/ring on top of the trackball with a pointy object.

Fan makes a whiny noise on full power

Try to cover with your finger one of the holes in the bottom plate directly below the fan. If you find one that alleviates the problem, cover it with a sticker.

Screen flashes or device abruptly restarts on battery

Battery voltage too low. Try to keep the voltage above 3.0V by recharging. If the voltage has fallen far below 3.0V, charge the laptop while it is switched off for 30 minutes/1 hour before using it again.

Device doesn’t seem to boot when switched on

Turn it off and on again. This is a known bug on some devices when on power adapter power. The reason is not yet discovered.

USB port 0 does not seem to work

When resistor R6 (pulldown) is not fitted, the USB port 0 (next to HDMI) defaults to client/USB gadget mode. Use the following command to switch it to host mode. It is also included on the default system image in /root/scripts/usb-mode.sh

mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
echo host > /sys/kernel/debug/ci_hdrc.0/role