MNT Reform: Open Source Portable Computer
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MNT Reform

This is the main repository for the MNT Reform open source laptop.

For details, check out Finishing Reform and related articles.


Reform Version 2 Prototype Reform Version 2 Motherboard


Copyright 2018-2020 MNT Research GmbH.

The following licenses are used in the project, unless specified differently in a particular subfolder:

  • Schematics (*.sch and associated files): CERN-OHL-S v2
  • PCB Artwork (*.kicad_pcb and Gerber files): CC-BY-SA 4.0
  • Firmware: Various, GPL 3.0 if not specified in the file/subdirectory.
  • The “MNT” and “MNT REFORM” logos are trademarks of MNT Research GmbH. You may not use these on derived works.

Made With


  • Lukas F. Hartmann (mntmn) - Schematics, PCB
  • Ana Dantas - Industrial Design
  • Greta Melnik - Quality & Assembly

Credits and Contributions