2 Commits (a8c89d0f3598a4cc84400ec81d8793de0b6b8f5a)

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  mntmn a8c89d0f35 reform2-motherboard: version D-4 finished; fixes critical D-3 bugs; adds PCIe refclk termination, speaker output filter stage, pcie0 3v3 load switch, imx reset line to lpc, charge current control line to lpc 8 months ago
  mntmn 2f83c57274 reform2-motherboards: cleanup and rename 9 months ago
  mntmn b225b54c71 Rev 2.0D-3 snapshot. 11 months ago
  mntmn e136d7fe63 Reform 2 motherboard Rev 2 final tweaks before order; added footprints 1 year ago
  mntmn b3a592dc7a Reform 2 Rev 2 WIP: fixed various Rev 1 bugs; consolidate battery connector; consolidate 5v powers; make power rails switchable by LPC; exchange TUSB QFN for TQFP; remove eDP FPC; fixes holes; add SD level shifter; add PCIe clock generator; reduce JTAG footprint 1 year ago
  mntmn 465f19983a reform2 motherboard: pinout and footprint checks completed; ERC checks fixed 100% 1 year ago
  mntmn 91ba40ff0e WIP: reform2: more routing, 73 pads left 1 year ago
  mntmn a9b4e96ab2 WIP: reform2: migrate to Boundary Devices i.MX8M SOM 1 year ago
  mntmn 083f0de347 WIP: reform 2 motherboard: tweaks for CL-SOM 1 year ago
  mntmn 7412294a1a WIP: reform2 motherboard: rough placement 1 year ago
  mntmn 5e13ed56b3 WIP: reform2 motherboard: more schematics tuning, preliminary selection of most components 1 year ago
  mntmn 3c689cd509 WIP: reform2 motherboard: more sanity and footprint checks, passives 1 year ago
  mntmn 583a4c7bce WIP reform2: motherboard: many components sanity checked, passives footprints, fixed wrong NVMe/M.2 connector symbol and pins 1 year ago
  mntmn ec1aa66f73 WIP: reform2 schematic detail work all over the board and more footprints and 3d models added; changed one mpcie to M.2/NGFF/NVMe 1 year ago
  mntmn f8677f3039 WIP reform2: more schematics ground work on USB, PCIe, Display, Audio, Power 1 year ago
  mntmn 9a538862c3 reform2: schematic work, mainly power, display, first footprint tests 1 year ago
  mntmn b13f9e1e3d reform2: add schematic pages for display, eth, usb, sd, pcie, hdmi, audio and some chip work 1 year ago
  mntmn a62871719f WIP reform v2 power 1 year ago
  mntmn 20ad9f854d WIP reform2 motherboard sketch with imx8m 1 year ago