316 Commits (7bab7f85cffb0a827581ac79d616737c80864aa0)

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  Lukas F. Hartmann 7bab7f85cf restore old system-diagram position 5 months ago
  mntmn 993da6ed54
motherboard: r-1 release snapshot 6 months ago
  mntmn a2811a1dce
handbook: initial TODO and assorted existing content 6 months ago
  mntmn d150dd78ad
trackpad: add ESD protection and fuse, add badge, bump to R-1 6 months ago
  mntmn a5ec0da765
trackball-pcb: R-1 version with ESD protection and fuse 6 months ago
  mntmn cddd86004e
reform2-motherboard: R-1 silkscreen cleanup; usb hub reset pulldown added 6 months ago
  mntmn 8f604d0276
reform2-motherboard: first R-1 snapshot. main changes: EMI, ESD, audio filter, enable FETs, SHDN fix, more rail switches 6 months ago
  mntmn faeba7a110
reform2-keyboard: add assembly-components 8 months ago
  mntmn 79a7b4a5ec
reform2-oled: add assembly-components 8 months ago
  mntmn 422503ea9a
reform2-motherboard 2d4 component cleanup 8 months ago
  mntmn d6012f41f5
WIP: reform2-motherboard: audio output filter work and notes 8 months ago
  mntmn b6d8cda603
WIP: reform2-trackball-sensor: remove superfluous holes 8 months ago
  mntmn 924faf53ed
reform2-trackpad: components cleanup 8 months ago
  mntmn 79216b2bb5
Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/reform 8 months ago
  mntmn 81ca4e5154
reform2-oled: fix: swap sda/scl 8 months ago
  mntmn f371e094e2
keyboard: add srp4020 step 8 months ago
  mntmn 0aa0ca02b8
reform2-keyboard: version 2d5; add info badge; finalize connector positions; add optional 3v3 regulator for standalone 8 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann d3131f724a Merge pull request 'reform2-keyboard: add shell.nix' (#10) from ehmry/reform:nix-shell into master 8 months ago
  Emery Hemingway cf074c5eff reform2-keyboard: add shell.nix 8 months ago
  mntmn 73bfefc780
add batterypack 2.0D4 badge 8 months ago
  mntmn 05991a4439
batterypack 2.0D4 snapshot 8 months ago
  mntmn 9ed12b47be
reform2 trackpad: remove superflous wheel coordinate check 8 months ago
  mntmn 893bb6cefa
Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/reform 8 months ago
  mntmn cf52995e68
reform2 trackpad: simplify and fix motion and touch detection 8 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 974316ee6c keyboard: add current version to fw-archive 9 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 0898c23a02 keyboard: fix HID report overflow with 7+ keys; add debouncing 9 months ago
  mntmn bc12f84d85
lpc: in missing and fully_charged states, we could still become overvolted 9 months ago
  mntmn 0ac2f4fd8c
lpc: reduce discharge min cycles to 5; go directly from balancing to full 9 months ago
  mntmn 246440a01b
LPC: WIP: some more replacements to fix build 9 months ago
  mntmn b95c2ca36c
LPC: WIP: change wording 9 months ago
  mntmn 4a6cc6cbb9
WIP: lpc-fw: report capacity over ssp0 9 months ago
  mntmn 88f11a0dd3
Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/reform 9 months ago
  mntmn 833bf9ab2f
lpc-fw: implement min/max charge level tracking and gauge. 9 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 2ec294bda4 WIP: SSP0: report only once per second 9 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann bcff68a0e2 WIP: SSP0 report: actually send something 9 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann ae5a6057a6 WIP: report battery status to SOM via SSP0 (SPI) 9 months ago
  mntmn 9e3269081a
remote: tweak gauge position 9 months ago
  mntmn 547f559b49
remote: add battery gauge read 9 months ago
  mntmn ec419e617c
keyboard: qwerty US and UK v3 sources 10 months ago
  mntmn d39d2f6137
Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/reform 10 months ago
  mntmn cc4d354ea0
reform2-keyboard: add qwerty lettering v3 as pdf 10 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 7083821388 lpc-fw: remove lpcrc x86 binary 10 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann c4e4ef6fdd Merge branch 'embed-google-fonts-locally' of erlehmann/reform into master 10 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp 4aafe48c34
Embed Google fonts locally 10 months ago
  mntmn fe3eb28bdc handbook: link to IBOMs and link to github for 3d printed parts (nice 3d viewer) 10 months ago
  mntmn c0442fddc0 rename reform2-ibom 10 months ago
  mntmn e8f2298a03 Merge branch 'master' of https://source.mntmn.com/MNT/reform 10 months ago
  mntmn afa2e72931 rename reform2-trackball-pcb 10 months ago
  mntmn 94c1f11d0c add interactive html BOMs of all reform2 PCBs 10 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 9009e105ff handbook: merge build results 10 months ago