231 Commits (2583a84f5f101af049a4dd214b1e58ef605200d6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mntmn 2583a84f5f WIP relicense 1 year ago
  mntmn 65b87e63b1 forgotten register write in historic reform1 keyboard fw 1 year ago
  mntmn 8e070e4c29 gitignore tweak 1 year ago
  mntmn 2f83c57274 reform2-motherboards: cleanup and rename 1 year ago
  mntmn 4547ccca9b reform2-motherboard: cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn a662ecebc6 motherboard: add nit8msom step model 1 year ago
  mntmn 5e02db69c5 reform1: add some caches 1 year ago
  mntmn 7b4fb600f9 heatsink: add STEP model 1 year ago
  mntmn f660414a70 reform2-cables: add eDP cable spec 1 year ago
  mntmn d0618d5181 reform2-batterypack cleanup and 3d models 1 year ago
  mntmn c90c24a141 reform2d3 keyboard pcb cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn 085197e15e reform2-trackball-sensor-pcb: add cache/tables 1 year ago
  mntmn 13b85a2b50 reform2-oled: rename 1 year ago
  mntmn a1a8fd6667 add reform2-oled BOM 1 year ago
  mntmn 8e51a3e2ba reform2-trackpad: rename 1 year ago
  mntmn 8627113dfa reform2-trackball: rename 1 year ago
  mntmn 5ee8645cf8 reform2-trackball: add 3d models and BOM 1 year ago
  mntmn cc2c7db539 reform2-trackpad: add 3d models and BOM 1 year ago
  mntmn 69f9bc2e32 add CNC milled case parts and lasercut side parts STEP files 1 year ago
  mntmn 494dbd4378 WIP repo cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn edaac68cf4 WIP repo cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn 8e4f74d823 WIP repo cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn 21af36ec54 WIP repo cleanup 1 year ago
  mntmn 8bf90034c1 Reform2.0D-3 snapshot of PCBs and input device firmware 1 year ago
  mntmn 649b7d03ec kbd: don't flush in clear 1 year ago
  mntmn 447a4bac2d kbd: actually show the results 1 year ago
  mntmn 336f576c07 kbd: little progress anim 1 year ago
  mntmn 707413d5a3 kbd: untabify; show sys V/A in overview 1 year ago
  mntmn 3d3bc4e766 kbd: enable printing of float values 1 year ago
  mntmn 2bf3389e6b kdb: ssd1306: remove some unused code 1 year ago
  mntmn 993386194c kbd: clamp voltages to sane values 1 year ago
  mntmn f8ce74e24c kbd: first attempt of graphical voltage display 1 year ago
  mntmn aa3179dd42 kbd: fix serial comms; introduce hello/goodbye animations 1 year ago
  mntmn 9452d4e644 kbd oled: move font out of oled driver, replace by custom hand pixeled font 1 year ago
  mntmn 7bbe644074 keyboard fw: fix serial, add some debug output 1 year ago
  mntmn 6cd48e0b01 keyboard fw: fix serial, add some debug output 1 year ago
  mntmn bfae790718 reform 2.0d-3 initial kbd firmware 1 year ago
  mntmn 6bde9d0b6f reform2.0 d-2 keyboard snapshot 1 year ago
  mntmn b4047448dc reform2-oled: initial rev 1 year ago
  mntmn 3987a0a2ca reform2-trackpad: initial version of controller PCB 1 year ago
  mntmn 5fe9476403 reform2-motherboard: add D-3 gerbers 1 year ago
  mntmn b9c3e40402 reform2-motherboard: final polishing (incl. silkscreen) before D-3 production 1 year ago
  mntmn 0eaa01dd8f reform2-motherboard: final cleanups and tweaks for D-3, selected all components in BOM 1 year ago
  mntmn b225b54c71 Rev 2.0D-3 snapshot. 1 year ago
  mntmn ea3dce1ebc WIP snapshot of reform2 batterypack PCB 1 year ago
  mntmn a3df16500f WIP sketch of reform2 trackpad firmware 1 year ago
  mntmn 875b4bb49a update README 1 year ago
  mntmn 14399ea316 update README 1 year ago
  mntmn 52358d24f7 add reform2-heatsink SCAD model 1 year ago
  mntmn e3463ffd7f add reform2-trackball-sensor-pcb 1 year ago