94 Commits (reform2-redo)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lukas F. Hartmann ef6bae4def Merge pull request 'Reform2 Image Build on Stock Ubuntu 20.04' (#10) from zoe/reform-system-image:reform2-redo into reform2-redo 4 months ago
  Zoé bc6e8bcbc3 added system image to gitignore 4 months ago
  Zoé a9d7b140b7 removed the autoclean from mkimage 4 months ago
  Zoé 21330026f5 added build artefacts to gitignore 4 months ago
  Zoé eeff006612 added bind mounts 4 months ago
  mntmn 70ee87b30f
mkimage.sh: add missing binfmt-support dependency 4 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 6634025697 mkimage.sh: add missing dependency qemu-user-static 4 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann aef230bfe9 mkuserland2.sh: remove etnaviv patch that is now upstream 4 months ago
  Lukas F. Hartmann 9cd3fbb827 mkimage.sh: add device-tree-compiler build dependency 4 months ago
  mntmn bf5fdb7f32
reform2/dts: enable SPI2; disable internal RTC in favor of motherboard one 6 months ago
  mntmn 65fbf169b4
reform2/audio: fix pulseaudio default config path 6 months ago
  mntmn 576fc3bd6a
reform2/etnaviv: add patch to disable MSAA, fix earlyz, fix flickery X11 GUIs on glamor 6 months ago
  mntmn f34c9d93ce make reform-desktop-help a bit shorter 7 months ago
  mntmn 8dc4d18aec fix double keybinding in sway config 7 months ago
  mntmn 55d704b463 motd-reform: add system build id 7 months ago
  mntmn cc16e9b8c4 add motd to reform-desktop-help 7 months ago
  mntmn 1b128f9a46 replace 'manual' with 'man intro' 7 months ago
  mntmn 4756283a28 skel/multistrap: enable lxpolkit and dm_crypto for LUKS support 7 months ago
  mntmn 10611476f9 WIP kernel config: fix SAI (audio) breakage by removing ASYNC_TX_DMA and RAID stuff 7 months ago
  mntmn 7c353f6dc2 eth0: allow hot plug, possibly fixing stall at boot with no cable 7 months ago
  mntmn 56e676cafa WIP: redo process: stripped-down kernel config (almost all modules disabled) 7 months ago
  mntmn bc5bd778fa WIP: mkkernel: shallow clone 5.7 release commit 7 months ago
  mntmn 310cc84693 restore files in template-kernel to unbreak my shell scripts 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp 6d6db5484c
Fix patch applications for Linux kernel, this time for real 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp 9cb9f5b46c
Fix patch applications for Linux kernel 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp 1ef0a1b790
Refactor Linux kernel and dtb build scripts 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp d7149a6682
Add explanatory messages to build scripts 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp 48845af1e2
Move files around to simplify build 7 months ago
  Nils Dagsson Moskopp d3779d4a9b
Rename image dofile to make it work again 7 months ago
  mntmn b36e4201d4 via erlehmann: Rename Reform 2 patch directory to match DTB name 7 months ago
  mntmn 840aa6b68e via erlehmann: Explain why stdout to stderr redirect is necessary for make invocation 7 months ago
  mntmn c2d0386b5d WIP: split up the top directory into build directories per model, clean up 7 months ago
  mntmn 548315beed WIP: rename template folders 7 months ago
  mntmn 5b03a3f028 WIP: clean up location of reform-toggle-display.sh 7 months ago
  mntmn f13ea4977d WIP: add waybar config 7 months ago
  mntmn 60f24c2bf3 WIP: fix SAI patch to remove noisy messages 7 months ago
  mntmn ed56b04475 WIP: dts cleanup and formatting 7 months ago
  mntmn e5140c1d5b WIP: updated target bash_profile and sway config 7 months ago
  mntmn f3c66507bc WIP: refinements to target skel, etc and userland build after testing 7 months ago
  mntmn 0baa71ba12 update README 8 months ago
  mntmn a41a1f82d7 rename mkreform.sh to makeimage.sh and clean it up a bit 8 months ago
  mntmn 47d554e632 remove git submodules 8 months ago
  mntmn c86ce83aef remove git submodules 8 months ago
  mntmn 0ae0bee716 WIP kernel config and dts snapshot 8 months ago
  mntmn 61824e8a72 WIP new userland build process and config files 8 months ago
  mntmn 9eba243e8b WIP: experimental display toggle service and script 8 months ago
  mntmn 8316ae4441 linux: add wakeup patch 8 months ago
  mntmn 84c512341b linux: add some missing hdmi patches 8 months ago
  mntmn 092da3df2e mkuboot: use nproc 8 months ago
  mntmn a4cad370c7 mkkernel: use nproc 8 months ago