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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Install [Sphinx(
sudo pacman -S python
sudo pacman -S python-pip
sudo pacman -S texlive-core # latex support
sudo pip install sphinx
sudo pip install recommonmark # to parse md
@@ -32,6 +33,5 @@ firefox build/html/index.html

cd src
make latex

make latexpdf

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- Sinclair Programming:
- Font:

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Sphinx cheatsheet

A brief overview of some of the main functions of Sphinx
as used in the aiida documentation. View :ref:`this-page` to see
how this page was formatted. This is only a brief outline for more
please see `the Sphinx documentation <>`_

Main Titles and Subtitles

This is an example of a main title.

subtitles are made like this

This is an example of a subtitle.


Basic Paragraph Formatting

Words can be written in *italics* or in **bold**. Text describing a specific
``computer_thing`` can be formatted as well.

Paragraph and Indentation

Much like in regular python, the indentation plays a strong role in the formatting.

For example all of this sentence will
appear on the same line.

While this sentence will appear
differently because there is an indent.

Terminal and Code Formatting

Something to be run in command line can be formatted like this::

>> Some command

As can be seen above, while snippets of python on code can be done like this::

import module
print('hello world')

.. note:: Notes can be added like this.

Bullet Points and Lists

* Bullet points can be added
* Just like this
* With sub-bullets like this

#. While numerical bullets
#. Can be added
#. Like this

Links, Code Display, Cross References
External Links
Can be done like here for `AiiDA <>`_

Code Download

Code can be downloaded like this.

Download: :download:`this example script <cheatsheet.rst>`

Code Display

Can be done like this. This entire document can be seen unformated below using this method.

.. literalinclude::

.. _self-reference:


Math formulas can be added as follows :math:`<g_i|`, see
`the Sphinx documentation on math <>`_

Cross Reference Docs

Here is an example of a reference to something on the same page, :ref:`self-reference`

.. note:: References within the same document need a reference label, see `.. _self-reference:`
used in this section for an example. *Hidden in formatted page, can only be seen in the
input text.*

Cross Reference Classes and Methods

Any class can be referenced for example :py:class:`` references the
StructureData data class.

Similarily any method can be referenced for example :py:meth:``
shows the StructureData class' append atom method.

How To Format Docstrings

Much of the work will be done automatically by Sphinx, just format the docstrings with the same syntax used here,
a few extra examples of use would include::

:param parameters: some notes on input parameters

:return returned: some note on what is returned

:raise Errors: Notes on warnings raised

Changing The Docs

When creating a new ``.rst`` file, please:
the relevant ``index.rst`` tree. This can be done by:

* Modify relevant doc strings or ``.rst`` files in
the ``/docs/source/`` folder, not in ``/docs/build``

* Make sure that all relevant ``.rst`` files are added
to relevant ``index.rst`` files (table of contents)

* Run ``make all`` in the ``/docs/`` folder

* Fix warnings, if any

.. _this-page:

This Page

.. literalinclude:: cheatsheet.rst

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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Guide
:maxdepth: 2
:caption: Contents: