Fork of the vendor (Boundary Devices) u-boot for Reform 2, with minor tweaks. The goal is to migrate to mainstream u-boot or barebox ASAP. The main impediment so far is the 4GB RAM config.
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  1. menu "NAND Device Support"
  2. config SYS_NAND_SELF_INIT
  3. bool
  4. help
  5. This option, if enabled, provides more flexible and linux-like
  6. NAND initialization process.
  7. if !SPL_BUILD
  8. config NAND_DENALI
  9. bool "Support Denali NAND controller"
  10. select SYS_NAND_SELF_INIT
  11. help
  12. Enable support for the Denali NAND controller.
  13. config SYS_NAND_DENALI_64BIT
  14. bool "Use 64-bit variant of Denali NAND controller"
  15. depends on NAND_DENALI
  16. help
  17. The Denali NAND controller IP has some variations in terms of
  18. the bus interface. The DMA setup sequence is completely differenct
  19. between 32bit / 64bit AXI bus variants.
  20. If your Denali NAND controller is the 64-bit variant, say Y.
  21. Otherwise (32 bit), say N.
  23. int "Number of bytes skipped in OOB area"
  24. depends on NAND_DENALI
  25. range 0 63
  26. help
  27. This option specifies the number of bytes to skip from the beginning
  28. of OOB area before last ECC sector data starts. This is potentially
  29. used to preserve the bad block marker in the OOB area.
  30. endif
  31. if SPL
  32. config SPL_NAND_DENALI
  33. bool "Support Denali NAND controller for SPL"
  34. help
  35. This is a small implementation of the Denali NAND controller
  36. for use on SPL.
  37. endif
  38. endmenu