Fork of the vendor (Boundary Devices) u-boot for Reform 2, with minor tweaks. The goal is to migrate to mainstream u-boot or barebox ASAP. The main impediment so far is the 4GB RAM config.
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  1. #
  2. # For a description of the syntax of this configuration file,
  3. # see Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt.
  4. #
  5. mainmenu "U-Boot $UBOOTVERSION Configuration"
  6. config UBOOTVERSION
  7. string
  8. option env="UBOOTVERSION"
  9. # Allow defaults in arch-specific code to override any given here
  10. source "arch/Kconfig"
  11. menu "General setup"
  12. config LOCALVERSION
  13. string "Local version - append to U-Boot release"
  14. depends on !SPL_BUILD
  15. help
  16. Append an extra string to the end of your U-Boot version.
  17. This will show up on your boot log, for example.
  18. The string you set here will be appended after the contents of
  19. any files with a filename matching localversion* in your
  20. object and source tree, in that order. Your total string can
  21. be a maximum of 64 characters.
  23. bool "Automatically append version information to the version string"
  24. depends on !SPL_BUILD
  25. default y
  26. help
  27. This will try to automatically determine if the current tree is a
  28. release tree by looking for git tags that belong to the current
  29. top of tree revision.
  30. A string of the format -gxxxxxxxx will be added to the localversion
  31. if a git-based tree is found. The string generated by this will be
  32. appended after any matching localversion* files, and after the value
  34. (The actual string used here is the first eight characters produced
  35. by running the command:
  36. $ git rev-parse --verify HEAD
  37. which is done within the script "scripts/setlocalversion".)
  39. bool "Optimize for size"
  40. depends on !SPL_BUILD
  41. default y
  42. help
  43. Enabling this option will pass "-Os" instead of "-O2" to gcc
  44. resulting in a smaller U-Boot image.
  45. This option is enabled by default for U-Boot.
  46. config SYS_MALLOC_F
  47. bool "Enable malloc() pool before relocation"
  48. default 0x400
  49. help
  50. Before relocation memory is very limited on many platforms. Still,
  51. we can provide a small malloc() pool if needed. Driver model in
  52. particular needs this to operate, so that it can allocate the
  53. initial serial device and any others that are needed.
  54. config SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN
  55. hex "Size of malloc() pool before relocation"
  56. depends on SYS_MALLOC_F
  57. default 0x400
  58. help
  59. Before relocation memory is very limited on many platforms. Still,
  60. we can provide a small malloc() pool if needed. Driver model in
  61. particular needs this to operate, so that it can allocate the
  62. initial serial device and any others that are needed.
  63. menuconfig EXPERT
  64. bool "Configure standard U-Boot features (expert users)"
  65. help
  66. This option allows certain base U-Boot options and settings
  67. to be disabled or tweaked. This is for specialized
  68. environments which can tolerate a "non-standard" U-Boot.
  69. Only use this if you really know what you are doing.
  70. endmenu # General setup
  71. menu "Boot images"
  72. config SUPPORT_SPL
  73. bool
  74. config SUPPORT_TPL
  75. bool
  76. config SPL
  77. bool
  78. depends on SUPPORT_SPL
  79. prompt "Enable SPL" if !SPL_BUILD
  80. default y if SPL_BUILD
  81. help
  82. If you want to build SPL as well as the normal image, say Y.
  83. config TPL
  84. bool
  85. depends on SPL && SUPPORT_TPL
  86. prompt "Enable TPL" if !SPL_BUILD
  87. default y if TPL_BUILD
  88. default n
  89. help
  90. If you want to build TPL as well as the normal image and SPL, say Y.
  91. config FIT
  92. bool "Support Flattened Image Tree"
  93. depends on !SPL_BUILD
  94. help
  95. This option allows to boot the new uImage structrure,
  96. Flattened Image Tree. FIT is formally a FDT, which can include
  97. images of various types (kernel, FDT blob, ramdisk, etc.)
  98. in a single blob. To boot this new uImage structure,
  99. pass the the address of the blob to the "bootm" command.
  100. config FIT_VERBOSE
  101. bool "Display verbose messages on FIT boot"
  102. depends on FIT
  103. config FIT_SIGNATURE
  104. bool "Enable signature verification of FIT uImages"
  105. depends on FIT
  106. depends on DM
  107. select RSA
  108. help
  109. This option enables signature verification of FIT uImages,
  110. using a hash signed and verified using RSA.
  111. See doc/uImage.FIT/signature.txt for more details.
  112. config SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS
  113. string "Extra Options (DEPRECATED)"
  114. depends on !SPL_BUILD
  115. help
  116. The old configuration infrastructure (= mkconfig + boards.cfg)
  117. provided the extra options field. If you have something like
  118. "HAS_BAR,BAZ=64", the optional options
  119. #define CONFIG_HAS
  120. #define CONFIG_BAZ 64
  121. will be defined in include/config.h.
  122. This option was prepared for the smooth migration from the old
  123. configuration to Kconfig. Since this option will be removed sometime,
  124. new boards should not use this option.
  125. config SYS_TEXT_BASE
  126. depends on SPARC || ARC
  127. hex "Text Base"
  128. help
  129. TODO: Move CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE for all the architecture
  130. config SYS_CLK_FREQ
  131. depends on ARC
  132. int "CPU clock frequency"
  133. help
  134. TODO: Move CONFIG_SYS_CLK_FREQ for all the architecture
  135. endmenu # Boot images
  136. source "common/Kconfig"
  137. source "dts/Kconfig"
  138. source "net/Kconfig"
  139. source "drivers/Kconfig"
  140. source "fs/Kconfig"
  141. source "lib/Kconfig"
  142. source "test/Kconfig"