44181 Commits (f8dbc0734dc160df8c8dee85cfcf85396e5740cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Philipp Tomsich fcb2158516 rockchip: arm64: rk3399: support DDR3-1866 (i.e. 933MHz clock) 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich fbecb94e4b rockchip: arm64: rk3399: revise timeout-handling for DRAM PHY lock 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich a1c29d4b43 rockchip: mkimage: set init_boot_size to avoid confusing the boot ROM 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich ad972ac3d9 rockchip: mkimage: force 2KB alignment for init_size 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 2fb371ff64 rockchip: mkimage: add support for verify_header/print_header 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 37ffae7c5b rockchip: evb-rk3328: update board maintainer 4 years ago
  Kever Yang ae0fc89e8f MAINTAINERS: rockchip: add board/rockchip as maintained entry 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 4f3dc8806e MAINTAINERS: git-mailrc: update maintainer for Rockchip 4 years ago
  Meng Dongyang 75ff918f83 rockchip: dts: rk3328: support and enable xhci 4 years ago
  Meng Dongyang 4f3a579e05 configs: rk3328: config xhci controller 4 years ago
  Meng Dongyang ef82a0db5a rockchip: dts: rk3328: add ehci and ohci node and enable host0 port 4 years ago
  Meng Dongyang d16f514d8c configs: rk3328: add support for usb and config ehci and ohci driver 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 077eb31514 rockchip: pinctrl: rk3328: do not set io routing 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 6f0c123713 rockchip: pinctrl: move rk3328 grf reg definition in header file 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 3c421f6fa9 rockchip: rk3036: clean mask definition for grf reg 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 1960b01034 rockchip: clock: rk3036: some fix according TRM 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 37943aaeea rockchip: rk3036: clean mask definition for cru reg 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 9d7ed33926 rockchip: rk3368: Add PX5 Evaluation board 4 years ago
  Andreas Färber 54c57ae051 rockchip: rk3368: Add initial support for RK3368 based GeekBox 4 years ago
  Andy Yan e2901ab8f6 rockchip: rk3368: add Sheep board 4 years ago
  Andy Yan fe9d4e77ea rockchip: rk3368: Add sysreset driver 4 years ago
  Andreas Färber 37a0c60085 rockchip: rk3368: Add core start-up code for RK3368 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 27600a5837 rockchip: rk3368: Add pinctrl driver 4 years ago
  Andy Yan d1dcf8527e rockchip: rk3368: Add clock driver 4 years ago
  Mark Kettenis c40d48bbbc regulator: pwm: Fix handling of missing init voltage 4 years ago
  Heiko Stübner d1bf69d822 power: rk808: fix ldo register offset 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich f8e3b08377 rockchip: board: puma_rk3399: build FIT image via u-boot.itb 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 1644f381ca rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: enable RK3399 efuse driver 4 years ago
  Klaus Goger 8adc9d18a8 rockchip: board: puma_rk3399: derive ethaddr from cpuid 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 9415b9a7d8 rockchip: board: puma_rk3399: add support for serial# and cpuid# via efuses 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 49cd8e85eb rockchip: efuse: add (misc) driver for RK3399 non-secure efuse block 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 7c1fb0a794 rockchip: rk8xx: allocate priv structure for driver 4 years ago
  Kever Yang c4a921513a rockchip; rk3399: disable SRAM security region 4 years ago
  Heiko Stübner 91ff05275a defconfig: firefly-rk3399: fix pinctrl config option 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 24796d27be Merge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-ubi 4 years ago
  Siva Durga Prasad Paladugu 34cc30af27 fs: usbifs: Fix warning in ubifs 4 years ago
  Tom Rini b9eaeae19e Merge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-usb 4 years ago
  Tom Rini ad701b1c91 Prepare v2017.07-rc1 4 years ago
  Phil Edworthy 71d2cf2359 armv7m: Fix larger builds 4 years ago
  Phil Edworthy 111a6af97a arm: Add Kconfig symbols used for Linux asm compatibility 4 years ago
  Michal Simek a83afb6b1f arm64: hikey: Fix instructions in readme 4 years ago
  Patrice Chotard 14a50e3736 drivers: ram: stm32: fix compilation issue 4 years ago
  Michal Simek 439edf6120 arm64: Add NOLOAD attribute NOLOAD to .bss sections 4 years ago
  Michal Simek 3c85417f45 ARMv8: Add support for poweroff via PSCI 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 18b2916585 cmd/ethsw: Disable implicit enum conversion warning 4 years ago
  Pantelis Antoniou 4e33316f65 malloc: Turn on DEBUG when enabling unit tests 4 years ago
  Pantelis Antoniou 54cc4dcfda arm: Always keep the dtb section on objcopy 4 years ago
  Keerthy b12550eb9c board: ti: am571-idx: Add vcores support 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 0f7faf03bf scripts/Makefile.lib: Only apply u-boot.dtsi files in the target directory 4 years ago
  Jean-Jacques Hiblot 7a53a1a811 ARM: ti: Update layout for MMC and eMMC (env and dfu) 4 years ago