44181 Commits (f8dbc0734dc160df8c8dee85cfcf85396e5740cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kouei Abe 3ebc62c987 mmc: sh_sdhi: Set SD_INFOx interrupt mask before command starting 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 6e87ae1c07 patman: Add a functional test 4 years ago
  Simon Glass a44f4fb72b patman: Rename 'list' variable in MakeCcFile() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 1f487f85d2 patman: Add a maintainer test feature to MakeCcFile() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 2eb5fc13b3 patman: Add unicode to test patches 4 years ago
  Simon Glass db116cc8d0 patman: Don't return the series in FixPatches() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 04f7870635 patman: Don't report unicode character 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 2df3a01974 patman: Rename 'str' variable in EmailPatches() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 5c724dc440 patman: Don't convert input data to unicode 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 6f8abf765b patman: Adjust handling of unicode email address 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 21caa558ca patman: encode CC list to UTF-8 4 years ago
  Tom Rini d5686a61d6 buildman: Fix bloat option when 'new' only drops functions 4 years ago
  Tom Rini e2bc87d41c sandbox: Fix comparison of unsigned enum expression warning 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha ea744fca0e stm32f7: remove duplicate configs 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha 6bcdd66d1c spl: armv7m: to keep ARM v7M in thumb mode before booting next image 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 156d64fa55 Merge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-rockchip 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 6c53d680c6 rockchip: board: puma_rk3399: enable BMP_16BPP, BMP_24BPP and BMP_32BPP 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 64199d4ead rockchip: video: rk_vop: add grf field 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich ca562b630e rockchip: video: rk3399: add HDMI TX support on the RK3399 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 147fd3ac5a rockchip: video: split RK3288-specific part off from rk_hdmi 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich f210e5574f rockchip: video: add mpixelclock settings from Linux driver 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich cc75afc5d7 rockchip: video: rk3399: enable HDMI output (from the rk_vop) for the RK3399 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich d46d40474a rockchip: video: refactor rk_vop and split RK3288-specific code off 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 89b2b6186d rockchip: video: Kconfig: set MAX_XRES and MAX_YRES via Kconfig 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich d4bee08419 rockchip: video: Kconfig: reformat help for VIDEO_ROCKCHIP 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 4dcd53d0d7 rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: enable SPL_BOARD_INIT 4 years ago
  Romain Perier fefe9d06bd rockchip: rk3288: grf: Fix shift for RK3288_TXCLK_DLY_ENA_GMAC_ENABLE 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich cf35242a3e rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: add DTS for the DDR3-1866 timing 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 6608cf0fbe rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: add DTS for the DDR3-1333 timing 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 3a29ae8e6f rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: refactor and rename (default) DDR3-1600 DTS 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich f592edd920 rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: sync DTS with Linux tree 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 876c1d0fb1 rockchip: dts: rk3399: enable HDMI output in the DTS 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 92693b5a4f usb: dwc2-otg: make regs_otg (in platdata) a uintptr_t 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 5a403a27b0 rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: update defconfig with video-support 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 1208523935 rockchip: video: rk_hdmi: fix implicit definition warnings 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich a6b08c9677 rockchip: rk3328: don't implement usb_gadget_handle_interrupts twice 4 years ago
  Meng Dongyang d3cb14b910 rockchip: usb: host: xhci-rockchip: add support for rk3328 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 2d1951fec6 rockchip: Add basic support for evb-rv1108 board 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 2c1e11dd52 rockchip: Add core Soc start-up code for rv1108 4 years ago
  Andy Yan bae2f282a9 rockchip: clk: Add rv1108 clock driver 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 09aa7c468c rockchip: pinctrl: Add rv1108 pinctrl driver 4 years ago
  Andy Yan 79fa157387 rockchip: mkimage: Add support for RV1108 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 6f2d1d7df6 rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: do not filter clock-names for SPL 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich c5d905ff0a rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: enable I2C 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 73dc80a622 rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: enable CONFIG_PHY_MICREL_KSZ9031 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich e785e7f69a rockchip: defconfig: puma-rk3399: enable RK808 support 4 years ago
  Klaus Goger a4264b4d14 rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: set spl-payload-offset 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 2dd2c011e8 rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: release reset of on-module USB3 hub via vbus-gpio 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 4411cd054b rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: make the debug serial dm-pre-reloc 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 3b89461b40 rockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: Add DDR3-1866 timings 4 years ago