44181 Commits (f8dbc0734dc160df8c8dee85cfcf85396e5740cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Glass d3cb46aa8c rockchip: Init clocks again when chain-loading 4 years ago
  Simon Glass b223c1aead rockchip: rk3288: Convert clock driver to use shifted masks 4 years ago
  Simon Glass ed54b1918e rockchip: jerry: Add a .its file for chromium 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 6b5a09aa38 rockchip: video: Take the vop device out of standby 4 years ago
  Simon Glass f418676e9a rockchip: video: Add remove() methods 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 6f06ef57bb rockchip: rk3288: Add error debugging to veyron_init() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 3238474b8f rockchip: Fix regualtor typo in veyron 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 385105983a rockchip: Setup default PWM flags 4 years ago
  Simon Glass c9af6673e8 README: Add instructions for chain-loading U-Boot 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 13bdce8f8c tegra: nyan-big: Add a .its file for chromium 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 1c6c7b6bd8 tegra: clock: Avoid a divide-by-zero error 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 06cc85a29a tegra: Enable CP15 init 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 505907a467 tegra: video: Don't power up the SOR twice 4 years ago
  Simon Glass dab4728b3d tegra: nyan-big: Enable the dhrystone benchmark 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 4a7b9ee15e tegra: spi: Wait a little after setting the clocks 4 years ago
  Simon Glass c415dda8df tegra: dts: Add cros-ec SPI settings 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 46864cc8e8 tegra: Init clocks even when SPL did not run 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 422f04b68f power: regulator: Add more debugging and fix a missing newline 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 50a4886b3b arm: Disable LPAE if not enabled 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 10d602ac8b arm: Don't try to support CONFIG_ARMV7_LPAE on ARMv4T 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 579dfca2ef arm: Rename HCTR to HTCR 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 1c2d2727d1 arm: arm720t: Support CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT_ONLY 4 years ago
  Sekhar Nori 264e420f36 davinci: omapl138_lcdk: fix tXSNR DDR2 timing value 4 years ago
  Siva Durga Prasad Paladugu 314f6362c4 cmd: jffs2: Rename command ls to fsls 4 years ago
  Chris Packham 2bd3cab335 rtc: ds1337: drop "SYS" from config variables 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha 1a73bd842e spl: stm32f7: configure for xip booting 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha 55a3ef714f spl: stm32f7: add kernel boot support 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha 6c0c3ce8aa serial: stm32f7: disable overrun 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha c6d9e9dbc3 SPL: Add XIP booting support 4 years ago
  Vikas Manocha b97476965b stm32: stm32f7: add spl build support 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 76a5e1b715 rockchip: video: document externally visible functions for rk_vop 4 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 56c7ba3462 rockchip: video: document externally visible functions for rk_hdmi 4 years ago
  Wenyou Yang 31e5c892b3 video: atmel_hlcdfb: Fix misaligned cache operation warning 4 years ago
  Jernej Skrabec b98efa1db3 sunxi: video: Add support for CSC and TVE to DE2 driver 4 years ago
  Jernej Skrabec a8191dfec0 sunxi: Add base address for TV encoder 4 years ago
  Jernej Skrabec af4c874f11 sunxi: video: Rename tve.c to tve_common.c 4 years ago
  Jernej Skrabec bdc906dba9 edid: Fix gcc 7.1 warning 4 years ago
  Brock Zheng Techyauld Ltd abf54bf978 Fixup bug in PMIC TPS65217 register address definition 4 years ago
  Keerthy 2dd9dc02a3 power: regulator: lp87565: add regulator support 4 years ago
  Keerthy cdad57a7c1 power: pmic: lp87565: Add the basic pmic support 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 9752564722 dm: mmc: Avoid probing block devices in find_mmc_device() 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 01b73fe630 dm: mmc: Ensure that block device is probed 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 9f103b9cb5 dm: blk: Add a way to obtain a block device from its parent 4 years ago
  Keerthy fc69d47262 board: ti: AM43XX: Add ddr voltage rail configuration 4 years ago
  Keerthy e395b8848a power: pmic: tps65218: Add DCDC3 configuration 4 years ago
  Keerthy 75bceb22b3 power: regulator: palmas: Add smps12 dual regulator for tps65917 4 years ago
  Marek Vasut 0f53118511 mmc: sh_sdhi: Fix Kconfig entry 4 years ago
  Kouei Abe a5950f8dfb mmc: sh_sdhi: Add SDHI support 4 years ago
  Kouei Abe 91a16c3b2f mmc: sh_sdhi: Add MMC version 5.0 support 4 years ago
  Kouei Abe 5eada1dbd0 mmc: sh_sdhi: Add 64-bit access to sd_buf support 4 years ago