1929 Commits (dfded62ee7756a34a77bccf0d38e56479d7de8e0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Troy Kisky f71ea992d4 squash Makefile: test for CONFIG_IMX8MN 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky f05c37e1f9 Makefile: test for CONFIG_IMX8MN 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky db12aae3b6 Makefile: use separate bl31 for imx8mm/imx8mq 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 872f787865 imx: imx8mq: build flash.bin 2 years ago
  Chris Spencer 4c9c09a396 imx: Add Makefile dependency for mkimage_fit_atf.sh 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 8c5d4fd0ec Prepare v2018.07 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 89c5c97619 Prepare v2018.07-rc3 2 years ago
  Tom Rini fa893990e9 Makefile: Ensure we build with -std=gnu11 3 years ago
  Tom Rini a5742efa20 Prepare v2018.07-rc2 3 years ago
  Tom Rini ee1855dc52 Prepare v2018.07-rc1 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 7f474ef6cc Makefile: clean should delete *.so 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt c2d9097ac9 Makefile: clean should delete *.efi 3 years ago
  Eugeniu Rosca e91610da7c kconfig: re-sync with Linux 4.17-rc4 3 years ago
  Philipp Tomsich 9de4f95929 Makefile: adopt --std=gnu11 for HOSTCFLAGS on Linux 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 890e79f2b1 Prepare v2018.05 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 83d290c56f SPDX: Convert all of our single license tags to Linux Kernel style 3 years ago
  Tom Rini ec1754f091 Prepare v2018.05-rc3 3 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 1eb2e71edd kbuild: use -fmacro-prefix-map to make __FILE__ a relative path 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 4760fe26c7 Makefile: Update clang warning disables from Linux 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 8c0a17be0a Prepare v2018.05-rc2 3 years ago
  Rasmus Villemoes 0658761733 Makefile: always preserve output for images that can contain HAB Blocks 3 years ago
  Christian Gmeiner 52ff8020d0 kconfig: add CONFIG_CC_COVERAGE 3 years ago
  Rasmus Villemoes f3d8f7dd73 Allow providing default environment from file 3 years ago
  Alexey Brodkin 948071bab4 Makefile: Disable stack-usage check for ARC 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 645b5afbb8 Prepare v2018.05-rc1 3 years ago
  Eran Matityahu 0004b7aa8a Makefile: Build firmware-ivt image type for HAB verification also for mx7 3 years ago
  Tuomas Tynkkynen b0b0d22f1a ARM: sunxi: Build u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin on ARM64 as well 3 years ago
  Tuomas Tynkkynen 155b116907 ARM: sunxi: Move u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin rule to Makefile 3 years ago
  Tom Rini f95ab1fb6e Prepare v2018.03 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 5e62f82825 Prepare v2018.03-rc4 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut 3ee58ea425 Makefile: add u-boot-spl.srec target 3 years ago
  Masaru Nagai 341ca90560 Makefile: add u-boot-elf.srec target 5 years ago
  Alexey Brodkin 1022807c21 Makefile: Don't mess with .text section location for selected arches 3 years ago
  Tom Rini f0f6917188 Prepare v2018.03-rc3 3 years ago
  Tom Rini ebdb098c67 Prepare v2018.03-rc2 3 years ago
  Tom Rini eef11aceba Prepare v2018.03-rc1 3 years ago
  Maxime Ripard e89f5591f4 Makefile: Add size check to the u-boot.itb make target 3 years ago
  Stephen Warren 5fed97af20 Makefile: ensure DTB doesn't overflow into initial stack 3 years ago
  Rick Chen 42ac26f2b0 riscv: tools: Prelink u-boot 3 years ago
  Tom Rini f3dd87e0b9 Prepare v2018.01 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 7d22c8e309 Prepare v2018.01-rc3 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 9da71fc83a Prepare v2018.01-rc2 3 years ago
  Simon Glass f2faffecb0 binman: tegra: Convert to use binman 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 9da7fb4a39 Prepare v2018.01-rc1 3 years ago
  Stefan Agner ded84f90a1 envtools: make sure version/timestamp header file are available 3 years ago
  M. Vefa Bicakci dd2081a8e4 Makefile: Correct SPL/TPL/DTB build race condition 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 8a28caf02b Makefile: add coccicheck target 3 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada d6a0c78a4e pylibfdt: compile pylibfdt only when dtoc/binman is necessary 3 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 15b97f5c5e pylibfdt: move pylibfdt to scripts/dtc/pylibfdt and refactor makefile 3 years ago
  Tom Rini c253573f3e Prepare v2017.11 3 years ago