50879 Commits (d146a7b9c6200c7a84a15208f0c06e0ab60890dd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Lechner 71eb63e7ee ARM: legoev3: remove unused configuration options 2 years ago
  David Lechner 98ada4b3f0 ARM: legoev3: disable networking 2 years ago
  David Lechner 648e87a1ec ARM: legoev3: Move UART enable to early init 2 years ago
  David Lechner 1374d88bf3 ARM: legoev3: increase flash image sizes 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 89d811eee6 Merge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-marvell 2 years ago
  Chris Packham d4899b0f5d ARM: kirkwood: Enforce size limit for guruplug 2 years ago
  Chris Packham 84035fccbe ARM: kirkwood: Enforce size limit for sheevaplug 2 years ago
  Vagrant Cascadian 3789b3dd15 Enable thumb build to reduce build size of u-boot.kwb. 2 years ago
  Chris Packham 54e3316ffa ARM: kirkwood: SBx81LIFKW: Enable network hardware 2 years ago
  Chris Packham 87a62bce28 ARM: add SBx81LIFKW board 2 years ago
  Chris Packham 2c3c6bc6fb ARM: kirkwood: remove automatic I2C config if DM_I2C is enabled 2 years ago
  Michael Walle 134a6b6884 arm: kirkwood: lsxl: Add SPI driver model support 2 years ago
  Michael Walle 5886b77942 enable CONFIG_DISTRO_DEFAULTS for LS-CHLv2 board 2 years ago
  Jon Nettleton 4ea813d333 arm: mvebu: switch clearfog to use device-tree i2c and gpio 2 years ago
  Jon Nettleton d6db446f70 arm: mvebu: enable sata support for clearfog 2 years ago
  Rabeeh Khoury 28be54dc59 mvebu: a38x: Force receiver detected on PCIe lanes 2 years ago
  Tom Rini ee1855dc52 Prepare v2018.07-rc1 2 years ago
  Carlo Caione b1f2b72e39 sf: Add support for gd25q32b gigadevice flash 2 years ago
  Marek Vasut 8ff4130deb sf: Set current flash bank to 0 in clean_bar() 2 years ago
  Ley Foon Tan 6c353674bd spi: cadence_qspi: Change to use devfdt_get_addr_index() 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 358b6a20e4 configs: Resync with savedefconfig 2 years ago
  Ramon Fried 35ada864de MAINTAINERS: Take over DB410c maintainership 2 years ago
  Ramon Fried 77e0ecdb4a db410c: Added pre-relocation attribute to pinctrl 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 6bfa0367a2 scripts: mailmapper: SPDX license identifier 2 years ago
  Vagrant Cascadian 38cad04e2d Inherit default value for bootdelay from distro_bootcmd on odroid-xu3. 2 years ago
  Vagrant Cascadian 8664ab7deb Set time and umask on multi-dtb fit images to ensure reproducibile builds. 2 years ago
  Michal Simek dcd8a102ca xilinx: Sync symbols location in defconfigs 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 809e0e398a Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-sunxi 2 years ago
  Jagan Teki 2e8dbe14e7 board: sun50i: Add Amarula A64-Relic initial support 2 years ago
  Tom Rini b5351a4390 SPDX: Fixup tags from latest EFI PR 2 years ago
  Tom Rini a0115ceb56 Patch queue for efi - 2018-06-03 2 years ago
  Tom Rini 22781fca1d Patch queue for rpi - 2018-06-03 2 years ago
  Alexander Graf 80483b2ab6 efi_loader: Fix warning in raw/cols query 2 years ago
  Tuomas Tynkkynen 722742598b rpi: Fix fdt_high & initrd_high for 64-bit builds 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt d29e7824d7 efi_loader: create handles from normal memory 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 3282614081 efi_loader: efi_mem_carve_out should return s64 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt e09159c867 efi_loader: avoid anonymous constants for AllocatePages 2 years ago
  Ivan Gorinov fe5bc23f43 efi_selftest: check for buffer overflow in efi_get_variable 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 7f474ef6cc Makefile: clean should delete *.so 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 03fb2691cb efi_selftest: imply FAT, FAT_WRITE 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 6b03cd107e efi_loader: DocBook comments for boot services 2 years ago
  Simon Glass 896019b18b Add a comment for board_quiesce_devices() 2 years ago
  Simon Glass 329da4850c Define board_quiesce_devices() in a shared location 2 years ago
  Simon Glass bb223b7f20 efi: sandbox: Add required linker sections 2 years ago
  Simon Glass 30eef21fa0 sandbox: Add a setjmp() implementation 2 years ago
  Simon Glass 0864c565a2 efi: Update some comments related to smbios tables 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 85b469215f efi_selftest: test unaligned memory access 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 78f90aaeec arm: armv7: allow unaligned memory access 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt c3b11dea7c efi_loader: allow unaligned memory access 2 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt fa241e2f19 efi_selftest: test ReinstallProtocolInterface 2 years ago