11 Commits (master)

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  Troy Kisky 7c9479ae43 make_boundary: for imx8mm/imx8mq make flash.bin here, imx-mkimage no longer needed 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky 125fa45482 make_boundary: u-boot-lpddr4-${SOC}-${sz}.${ext} for arm64 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky 45738305db arch: arm: imx: s/MX8M/IMX8M/ like mainline 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky be500422bd make_boundary: restore execute permissions 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky a7e5fb9bbb make_boundary: pass size to ../imx-mkimage/make_boundary.sh 2 years ago
  Gary Bisson 84998567cc make_boundary: update dtb support for mx8 platforms 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky f447dda7c5 make_boundary: use rm -fr, mkdir -p to avoid error message 2 years ago
  Gary Bisson 439310a242 make_boundary: update mx8m build to include imx-mkimage 2 years ago
  Gary Bisson b4ab7d424f make_boundary: export ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE to fix jenkins build 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky fc6a967ab8 make_boundary: add CROSS_COMPILE for nitrogen8m 2 years ago
  Troy Kisky 3fa3adc719 make_boundary: script to make all boundary boards 5 years ago