52119 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mntmn 35759407b3 MNT Reform: board: fix indentation, reset USB hub, console on tty1 4 months ago
  mntmn 7d4327e993 WIP: MNT Reform: hack to set default env vars to boot from mmc 4 months ago
  mntmn 6ea506ae14 dts: activate second usdhc controller to be able to load from SD card 4 months ago
  mntmn 4e3c76d868 build.sh: use max procs to build 4 months ago
  mntmn 87b132e653 imximage: enable hdmi blob 4 months ago
  mntmn 4b6b6b1eea reform2: add hdmi blob 4 months ago
  mntmn abdb1d4349 reform2: add lpddr4 training binaries 4 months ago
  mntmn dfded62ee7 reform2: add config file 4 months ago
  mntmn fd95e03d8d reform2: WIP build and flash scripts 4 months ago
  mntmn b3a8287b13 reform2: WIP tweaks to nitrogen8m_som.h 4 months ago
  mntmn 4b9d8552b7 reform2: hack to force sd/emmc to 4 bits and non-removable 4 months ago
  mntmn 3291375546 reform2: WIP some comments for lpddr4_init 4 months ago
  mntmn 79ef7eefe4 reform2: dump clocks and test some DDR bytes in SPL 4 months ago
  mntmn aa51149ba9 reform2: remove some unneeded features from nitrogen8m_som.c 4 months ago
  mntmn b5750e89af reform2: sd/mmc: force enable all controllers 4 months ago
  Troy Kisky 7e83e972a4 son: spl change soc voltage to .9V 9 months ago
  Troy Kisky 4748acafb5 son: set VDD_VPU_GPU to .9 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky f71ea992d4 squash Makefile: test for CONFIG_IMX8MN 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 6332e1ed54 imx8m: imx8mq: soc: fix get chip rev for B1 revision" 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 61986c013a boundary: common: mx6: 800mhz_256mx16: increase tRFC 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 5e63b20ab8 son: initial addition, Boundary Devices board 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky c20449e5f4 fbpanel: add jeida/spwg/split-mode support to mipi panels 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky b3e69f41a2 nitrogen8mm: spl: combine pads into 1 array 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 8f257b301e nitrogen8m: fix unused GPIRQ_ENET_PHY definition 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 0d43ae8659 fbpanel: increase hsync_len for panel LTK080A60A004T 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky b687661f06 fbpanel: increase hsync_len for panel M101NWWB 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 0bd5847cea arch-imx8m: imx-regs-imx8mq: add GPR_TZASC_SWAP_ID 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 8ffffc619d nitrogen8mm: add rev 2 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 1e10b96c81 nitrogen8mm: add TARGET_NITROGEN8MN 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 70e84d952c hl8mm: initial addition, Boundary Devices board 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 5f2dad04f4 boundary: bootscripts: add 8MMQ/8MNano 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky e79df699f9 fbpanel: add VD_MIPI_TM070JDHG30 10 months ago
  Peng Fan 97ab4bd9dd imx: add i.MX8MN DDR4 board support 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky 4bc2b575d3 clock_imx8mm: grab init_uart_clk from mainline 10 months ago
  Kever Yang de3420aa26 sysreset: enable driver support in SPL/TPL 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky f05c37e1f9 Makefile: test for CONFIG_IMX8MN 10 months ago
  Peng Fan a7c06e8330 drivers: ddr: introduce DDR driver for i.MX8M 1 year ago
  Peng Fan f8cb4a7d79 imx: add dtsi for i.MX8MN 1 year ago
  Peng Fan bbdcc113e2 imx8m: restrict reset_cpu 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 9608382083 imx8m: add i.MX8MN ddr4 image cfg file 1 year ago
  Troy Kisky 48bcfc2d6a protect LCDIF_PIXEL_CLK_ROOT 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 04f09c9b44 imx8m: imx-regs: add IMX8MN support 10 months ago
  Troy Kisky 47af0c2ebc tools: imx8m_image: test for ddr4 vs lpddr4 10 months ago
  Peng Fan c874b22ce8 tools: imx8m_image: support ddr4 firmware 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 1277d11daf pinctrl: imx8m: support i.MX8MN 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 3009df457a tools: imx8mimage: add ROM VERSION 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 4fdf099d83 imx8mn: add get_boot_device 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 30a4b90ad1 imx: cpu: restrict get_boot_device 1 year ago
  Peng Fan fe5c1edf75 imx: add rom api support 1 year ago
  Peng Fan 7026d0a987 imx8mn: add pin header 1 year ago