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buildman: properly translate strings for log and err files to ASCII

The build output can still produce unicode encoded output. But in
the buildman's log and err files we only want plain ASCII characters.

To handle all situations with unicode and non-unicode output, encode
the stdout and stderr strings to UTF-8 and afterwards to ASCII with
replacing all special characters.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Schwierzeck <>
Daniel Schwierzeck 4 years ago
committed by Simon Glass
1 changed files with 4 additions and 2 deletions
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+ 4
- 2
tools/buildman/ View File

@@ -280,13 +280,15 @@ class BuilderThread(threading.Thread):
outfile = os.path.join(build_dir, 'log')
with open(outfile, 'w') as fd:
if result.stdout:
fd.write(result.stdout.encode('latin-1', 'ignore'))
# We don't want unicode characters in log files
fd.write(result.stdout.decode('UTF-8').encode('ASCII', 'replace'))

errfile = self.builder.GetErrFile(result.commit_upto,
if result.stderr:
with open(errfile, 'w') as fd:
fd.write(result.stderr.encode('latin-1', 'ignore'))
# We don't want unicode characters in log files
fd.write(result.stderr.decode('UTF-8').encode('ASCII', 'replace'))
elif os.path.exists(errfile):