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board_f: fix calculation of reloc_off

relocate_code() calculates the relocation offset wrt. the symbol
__image_copy_start which happens to have the same value as
CONFIG_TEXT_BASE on most systems.
When creating an i.MX boot image with an integrated IVT it is
convenient to have CONFIG_TEXT_BASE point to the start of the IVT
that is prepended to the actual code. Thus CONFIG_TEXT_BASE will
differ from __image_copy_start, while the calculation
'gd->relocaddr - __image_copy_start' still gives the right relocation

Signed-off-by: Lothar Waßmann <>
Lothar Waßmann 4 years ago
committed by Tom Rini
1 changed files with 5 additions and 2 deletions
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common/board_f.c View File

@@ -644,13 +644,16 @@ static int setup_reloc(void)

gd->reloc_off = gd->relocaddr - CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE;
#ifdef CONFIG_M68K
#ifdef ARM
gd->reloc_off = gd->relocaddr - (unsigned long)__image_copy_start;
#elif defined(CONFIG_M68K)
* On all ColdFire arch cpu, monitor code starts always
* just after the default vector table location, so at 0x400
gd->reloc_off = gd->relocaddr - (CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE + 0x400);
gd->reloc_off = gd->relocaddr - CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE;
memcpy(gd->new_gd, (char *)gd, sizeof(gd_t));