MNT Reform: Open Source Portable Computer
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mntmn 649b7d03ec kbd: don't flush in clear 1 week ago
case-parts case: add last-minute screen front rebuild (openSCAD); add trackball spacer (openSCAD) 1 year ago
electronics WIP reform v2 power 9 months ago
handbook handbook: credits 1 year ago
keycaps more keyboard sources 1 year ago
notes trackball sources 1 year ago
pics add laptop picture 1 year ago
reform-keyboard-engraving more keyboard sources 1 year ago
reform-keyboard-fw keyboard fw: fix descriptor names 1 year ago
reform-keyboard-pcb keyboard pcb: updated with small cleanups to KiCAD 5.x 1 year ago
reform-keyboard2-fw reform2 keyboard: voltage readout test 3 months ago
reform-keyboard2-fw-d3 kbd: don't flush in clear 1 week ago
reform-tiny-fw reform-tiny-fw: simplify/split up power reporting, remove strings for value reporting 1 year ago
reform-trackball-fw trackball speed tweak 5 months ago
reform-trackball-pcb reform2 motherboard: add part numbers 7 months ago
reform2-batterypack WIP snapshot of reform2 batterypack PCB 2 months ago
reform2-heatsink add reform2-heatsink SCAD model 2 months ago
reform2-keyboard-pcb reform2.0 d-2 keyboard snapshot 3 weeks ago
reform2-motherboard/reform2-motherboard reform2-motherboard: add D-3 gerbers 1 month ago
reform2-oled reform2-oled: initial rev 4 weeks ago
reform2-trackball add reform2-trackball 2 months ago
reform2-trackball-sensor-pcb add reform2-trackball-sensor-pcb 2 months ago
reform2-trackpad reform2-trackpad: initial version of controller PCB 1 month ago
reformd fix battery capacity reset in reformd; timestamp to unixtime; make suspend command more universal 1 year ago
spreadsheets updated BOM 1 year ago
trackball-parts case parts 1 year ago
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MNT Reform

This is the main repository for the MNT Reform Open Source Portable Computer.

How to Report Issues / Contribute

First, you need an account at If you don’t have one, just write to stating your desired username.

There are several Git repositories that make up Reform. Here is a list of topics to help you decide on which repository to report your problem or contribute code:


Reform Version 2 Prototype Reform Version 2 Motherboard

reform (this one)

  • Mechanical parts (case, keyboard, trackball, display, power supply)
  • Electronics
  • Firmware
  • Issue reports go here


  • Kernel (missing drivers…)
  • U-Boot (early startup, booting)
  • Setup script, date/time, keyboard layout
  • Default configuration (networking, Xorg, users, passwords…)
  • SD Card shipped with the device
  • Issue reports go here


  • Graphics/OpenGL libraries (mesa/etnaviv, drm, Xorg, wayland…)
  • If you have an application or game that doesn’t work due to GL problems (check the Wiki first)
  • Issue reports go here

Made With


  • Lukas F. Hartmann (mntmn) - Schematics, PCB
  • Ana Dantas - Industrial Design
  • Greta Melnik - Quality & Assembly


Copyright 2018-2020 MNT Research GmbH.

This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the file for details