MNT Research GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Drivers for the MNT ZZ9000 graphics and ARM coprocessor card for classic Amigas.

Updated 13 hours ago

Firmware for MNT ZZ9000 graphics and ARM coprocessor card for Amiga computers.

Updated 13 hours ago

MNT Reform: Open Source Portable Computer

Updated 1 week ago

The scripts needed to build a bootable Debian GNU/Linux system image for Reform.

Updated 1 week ago

Fork of the vendor (Boundary Devices) u-boot for Reform 2, with minor tweaks. The goal is to migrate to mainstream u-boot or barebox ASAP. The main impediment so far is the 4GB RAM config.

Updated 2 months ago

The Linux kernel powering ZZ9000 2.0 (alpha, work in progress)

Updated 4 months ago

Reform 2 MCU (LPC11U24) experiments based on microbuilder

Updated 4 months ago

ARM application development SDK for MNT ZZ9000 graphics and coprocessor card for classic Amiga computers.

Updated 8 months ago

A collection of libraries and binaries built for Reform OpenGL, Xorg and wayland/weston support. This builds the /usr/local overlay that is shipped with the system image.

Updated 1 year ago